Gallery of Fine Nude Art

Nude art has remained an essential focus of Western art since the Renaissance. Whether embracing or refashioning classical ideals, artists from the seventeenth century to the present have privileged the nude form and made it an endlessly compelling means of creative expression.

No less varied is the broad range of media in which nude art has been rendered and the artists' stylistic approaches to the theme -- academic, realistic, abstract, surrealist, and photographic. While life studies from the live nude model have been at the core of academic art instruction since the Renaissance and practiced for much of this country's history, the uses of the nude ultimately were as varied as the individual artists themselves.

Diversity in Fine Nude Art

Contemporary approaches to nude art are diverse, not only in style but also in the meanings they attempt to convey.

In ancient China, strict custom even prevented a woman of high rank from being unclothed in the presence of her doctor. The only way she could communicate with her doctor regarding her physical problems was to point to the corresponding place on a miniature ivory or alabaster Nude Art - Sculpture. These little statues, items of considerable importance for every respectable Chinese household in more ancient times, can still be purchased by tourists in Chinese sections of modem cities throughout the world.

In Ancient Greece, mythological stories tell of very powerful women. Some archeological finds hint at the same suggestion. Women also represent some of the most powerful of deities. In the Classical Age women were subservient and primarily homebound. Women did the sewing, cooking, cleaning and raising of the children. In Hellenistic times women were becoming more a part of society yet still played the part of the subservient wife and mother. Women played an even greater role in Greek Art throughout Greek history by inspiring the artist. Women were depicted in statues, pottery, vases, tempera, ceramic, poetry, writing, plays and even mythology. The nude male figure was the focus of art in Greek Culture for many years, especially in the Classic Greek times. This was considered the highest of Greek beauty. Society was based around men so men often saw other men more often than women. In some cultures nudity was equated with humility, shame, or defeat. The Greeks took this image and glorified it as a work of art. The male nude became a focus of beauty and acceptance.

Contemporary approaches to the nude are diverse, not only in style but also in the meanings they attempt to convey.

Famous Nude Art Paintings